3d tutorial

hi everyone, following a huge demand from the crowd, i will be time to time creating tutorials about 3d, 2d, editing, compositing, matte painting and all.

so i hope u will enjoy. and do comment if you please.


  1. yawen said...
    i feel so excited, although i know nothing about them :P

    Waiting for the tutorials :)
    阿思 said...
    hi Mathieu,

    How are u? Len mention not so much on u, hahaha.

    You are so nice to create this blog, sharing your value experience, I am sure many people will enjoy it.

    My due date will be on 21/9, but may be earlier as the baby's position is quite low now.

    I am planning to take leave next week, waiting for the baby.

    Do send my love and regards to Len, Luoann and mama, take good care.

    Chit Sei

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